Superfood Green Juice and Smoothies for Autumn

You may think about spring or summer when you think of juice and smoothies, but they definitely have a place in the autumn. The fall season has a lot of amazing superfoods that go perfectly in a green smoothie, or any type of healthy juice or smoothie with fruits and veggies.

Pumpkin Green Smoothie

This is an interesting green smoothie because it is great in the fall with lots of seasonal superfoods, but it is also similar to a classic green smoothie. It truly is a perfect combination of both. This smoothie gets its green from the spinach, which is also going to increase the nutrients of it immensely. Then you have some fall flavors with pumpkin puree, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. You can also add more creaminess to it with unsweetened almond milk or soy milk, and some plain Greek yogurt. Adding an apple to it not only gives you more fall superfoods in the smoothie, but is going to sweeten it up.

Spinach Green Smoothie

This smoothie is more of a classic recipe for a green smoothie, though there is a lot of room for customizing it according to your preferences. Spinach is used as the main greens for the smoothie, which are always a good superfood. However, if you want greens specifically in-season during the fall, kale is another great option. Add to that some ground flax seed, an apple or other sweet fruits that are in season during this time of year, and a frozen the banana. If you use a frozen banana, it can usually replace the ice. You may also need to add a little water.

Beet Juice or Smoothies

Beets are a fall superfood that is not often talked about, mostly because people hear beets and run for the hills. But they are a lot tastier than you might realize, and should definitely be considered when putting together a green smoothie or juice. While the beets will turn it a dark purple color instead of green, the healthy ingredients are the same. The basis of a beet juice or smoothie is of course the beets, usually one is enough for a single serving. You can then choose other fruits and veggies to add. For a juice with spice, try ginger, carrots, and then some apples for sweetness. Or you can use greens for a green smoothie, your favorite type of milk, and a pear to add in the sweetness.


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