Are you ready for a reboot? In this detox we will eliminate sugar, learn healthy ways of eating, help your body burn fat better and balance blood sugar levels. This is a great way to jump start your metabolism! I will be following some of Dr. Mark Hyman’s guidelines from “The Blood Sugar Solution, 10-Day Detox Diet” book, as well as a few of my own strategies for detoxing from sugar! You can do it with my support! This is a great stepping stone to my 21 Day LifeStyle Change. Cost: $100


If you are ready to step it up, I am also offering a 21 DAY LIFESTYLE CHANGE program. Did you know it takes 3 weeks or 21 days to change a habit?! Let me support you over 21 Days to show you how your can EAT CLEAN but still be able to have sweetness and alcohol in your life. It is not as hard as you think! If you have done my 10 Day this will be a synch! Cost: $175.00

Hormone Reset

Hormonal imbalances is a big problem for women and men (i.e.,man-boobs)! Do you suffer from mood swings, brain fog, stubborn weight that won’t budge or insomnia? These are just a few examples of when you are out of balance. The road to feeling better involves fixing 7 hormones.  Learn what causes hormonal imbalance, how to know if you have it and what to do about it! This is a great stepping stone to my 21 Day LifeStyle Change.


5 Day Cleanse by Health and Harmony Anne5 Day Cleanse

It’s time to get rid of those clingy pounds from indulgences and hack your way to better health!! Let’s be honest. . . we are pressed for time. Between work stresses, family/kid obligations, vacations, traffic, bills, and our on-the-go lifestyle it is hard to find the time to be mindful of what we put into our bodies. This 5 Day Cleanse is a quick way to get back on track. This is a great stepping stone to my 10 Day Sugar Detox or 21 Day Life Style Change