21 Day Lifestyle Change

If you are ready to step it up, I am offering a 21 Day Lifestyle Change program. Do you want to reset your body to healthier eating habits, without feeling like you are on a diet? Are you tired, fatigued and sick of the muffin top spilling over your jeans? Or maybe you just want to learn a new way of healthy eating. Food is the most powerful medicine there is, and by changing the way you eat for 21­-days, you’re going to decrease the hormone that causes you to store fat, reprogram your genes for weight loss and better health, stop cravings, and look and feel better than ever. And it only takes 21 Days!

In the 21 Day Lifestyle Change you will:

  • Find out the causes of weight gain and damaged metabolism
  • Learn about controversial foods: what is good, what is bad
  • Learn that it takes 21 days to form healthy eating habits!
  • Learn strategies to manage stress and decreasing your toxic load
  • Enjoy new recipes and tips on how to eat out successfully.
  • Receive nutritional coaching from me through biweekly emails and 2 one-on-one office/conference call/or facetime visits as well as text/email support.
  • Receive a detox goody bag, recipes, a daily schedule, and tools for a successful healthy lifestyle change
  • Enjoy coffee, healthy sweets, grains, beans and alcohol.


If you are not ready for a 21 Day Lifestyle Change, I offer other shorter programs and several food detoxes like my 10 DAY SUGAR DETOX.

Workshop Features:

  • Date: TBA
  • Price: $225.00
  • Receive a Goody Bag
  • Access to recipe book & helpful handouts
  • Access to Facebook Group
  • Daily check ins
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What people are saying about this program:

“I feel better! The detox was great! It really taught me how to use healthier ingredients and substitutes. Thanks for always being so supportive!” –  Sara

“Thanks for a great experience Anne. I will definitely make many things I learned part of my family’s life. Fun to do it with such a great group!”  – Michelle

“This was great. Such great info. I have no negative reviews! Loved your emails and the private FB page. The luncheon was a great addition too.” – Amy

“I thought the detox was great! Best parts were: being more aware of which fruits had the most/least sugar, cutting dairy from coffee, reducing amount of pork we eat and incorporating fat into each meal.” – Jess

*By signing up for this workshop you accept the release  & waiver of liablility terms stated here.