Rosemary Chicken Recipe

A Perfect Quick Meal

Chicken is an easy, quick, and cheap dinner option for an on-the-go family like mine. It’s easy to whip up a chicken dinner in just under 30 minutes, and this recipe will show you how!

It’s important to buy organic or farm-raised chicken. Unfortunately, while chicken is one of the most popular meats in America, it is also one of the most mistreated. Chicken farmers breed aggressively to create the maximum amount of meat on one bird. This practice has created chickens that are so top-heavy they cannot walk. Additionally, even able-bodied chickens on many farms do not have a square inch to move around because of overcrowding in pens.

This is why it’s important to buy organic or farm-raised chicken. Whole foods has a great system of classifying meat based on how humanely it was raised. Meat labeled “Step 5” in Whole foods had plenty to space to roam when it was alive, and was fed an organic or grass-based diet. However, Step 5 Meat is often hard to come by even in Whole Foods because not many farmers can meet these standards in our economy . I usually buy Step 3 meats, which still ensure “enhanced outdoor access” for poultry. (For Whole Food’s entire list of requirements for each Step, check out this brochure.)

This is one of my favorite chicken recipes. I hope you enjoy it!

Best when served with my Sweet Potato Chips!

Ingredients (feed 4-5):


  • Cut chicken breasts lengthwise to make cutlets (cutting chicken breats lengthwise helps them cook faster and more throughly)
  • Pound chicken (this will tenderize it)
  • Mince garlic
  • Pour Olive Oil into heated pan
  • Put minced garlic into heated pan. Let cook
  • Rinse chicken breasts in water
  • Apply Herbs de Provence Seasoning and Herbamare to chicken (the water will help the seasoning stick)
  • Place seasoned chicken into pan with garlic
  • Cook until meat is browned
  • Add Salt and Pepper to taste


Rosemary Chicken, Sweet Potato Chips, and Mixed Veggies

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