My Favorite Healthy Snacks

Here’s a list of healthy snacks that I have around my house right now! Feel free to comment below the healthy snacks that you keep around your house! I hope you might consider adding these to your list.

So Delicious Dairy Free Yogurt Alternative: this creamy, healthy, low-calorie alternative to yogurt is a great mid-day snack or breakfast treat. It comes in many different flavors, however I recommend plain or vanilla-flavored because they are the only flavors with no sugar added. I recommend adding honey or fruit for flavor! For anyone with a dairy sensitivity, allergy, or anyone looking to follow an anti-inflammatory diet, So Delicious Yogurt Alternative is the perfect snack.

Cinnamon Apple Granola by Cascadian Farms: Looking for something to add a crunch to your dairy-free yogurt alternative? Cascadian Farms Cinnamon Apple Granola is crunchy, healthy, with freeze-dried apples for sweetness, and no added sugar! This hearty addition to any dish is a great way to supplement your meal, but I personally love to combine it with So Delicious Yogurt Alternative.

So Delicious Yogurt Alternative, with blueberries, granola, and honey!

Mary’s Gone Crackers Real Thin Crackers Sea Salt: Mary’s Gone Crackers, one of my favorite organic and gluten-free brands, has many different flavors, but the Mary’s Gone Real Thin Crackers with Sea Salt is my favorite. Thin, crispy, and always gluten free, these wheat-less crackers are a great appetizer or snack to munch on anytime!

Cedar’s Organic Hummus: This Non-GMO Project Verified brand of hummus is a great supplement for any cracker or veggie, minus the fillers and preservatives of most brands. I love to pair it with Mary’s Gone Crackers. Hummus is a great source of iron, healthy fats, plant-based proteins, and helps lower cholesterol. This is an appetizer packed with flavor (I prefer the Balsamic Caramelized Onion) that is good for you as well!

Cedar’s Organic Hummus with Mary’s Gone Crackers!

Garden of Life Protein Bars: I don’t eat these bars every day because they are high in stevia, which can sometimes increase sugar cravings, but these vegan, non-GMO bars are a great source of protein post-workout if you are looking to put on muscle. And they have great flavors such as S’mores and chocolate fudge, but remember, not every day!

Good Pop Organic Freezer Pops: These refreshing treats may look like the freeze pops you find in the grocery store, but they aren’t artificially flavored or colored, contain no added sugars, and are 100% ORGANIC fruit juice. I always buy organic fruit products because of the high amounts of pesticides used in fruit production. (In fact, Strawberries, Applies, and Cherries are all on the Dirty Dozen, a list of the produce items with the most pesticides and chemicals used in their production.)

Good Pop Freezer Pops come in Cherry Limeade, Fruit Punch, and Concord Grape: the perfect thirst-quencher on any hot summer day!

Good Pop Organic Freezer Pops: Perfect for a day at the beach!

Alexia Non-GMO Sweet Potato Fries: These pre-cut and pre-salted sweet potato fries are the perfect addition to any meal. Simply stick them in the oven for about twenty minutes and you have the perfect sweet and salty side dish! My family devours these whenever we have them. Sweet potatoes are full of fibers, vitamins, and minerals, and the natural sweetness will help to curb sugar cravings.

I hope this list might change the way you snack. Happy online shopping!

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