Summer Salad Dressing Made Healthy

Last weekend, a friend asked me to “clean up” a salad dressing recipe she found online. She knows that, as a health coach, I have extensive knowledge about food and nutrition that allows me to see the toxins in seemingly healthy foods. I find recipes online that need to be “cleaned up” all the time- something appetizing might be full of non-organic, processed foods, and added sugars. I wrote this post to show you that, just like I substituted the salad dressing’s ingredients for healthier ones, you can “clean up” any recipe you find online to make the healthiest version possible.

Delicious salad, ready to eat!


½ cup of vegetable oil Olive Oil

½ cup sugar Honey

¼ red wine vinegar

1 ½ tsp soy sauce Coconut Aminos

½ salt

¼ pepper


  • Vegetable Oil->Olive Oil: Vegetable oil has more trans fats, which aren’t good for your heart, and can increase cholesterol
  • Sugar->Honey: Honey is a natural sugar filled with vitamins, while processed white sugar goes quickly into your bloodstream, increasing blood sugar, because it is processed and lacks nutrients.
  • Soy Sauce-> Coconut Aminos: Coconut Aminos are similar to soy sauce without the high sodium levels.

Making simple changes to a recipe can really increase how healthy it is for your body. I hope you take the simple changes that I made to this salad dressing recipes and change any unhealthy recipes you may have been following.

Here’s a link to the original recipe, which includes a salad that has my stamp of approval, as long as you buy all of the ingredients organic!

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