5 Day No-Sugar Cleanse
I will teach you how to beat sugar cravings, prepare delicious sugar-free recipes, and re-energize your life! Monday September 21st

Do you have a chronic illness or just want to feel healthier? Do you go to your doctor’s office and leave feeling frustrated with unanswered questions? Are you confused with all the diet fads and not sure what to do?

There is so much health information out there but how do you know who to listen to or where to start?? It can be overwhelming! That is where I can help you! When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the undivided attention and left with directions and goals on how to change your life and not with a prescription!

As a health coach, I will create an environment that will help you to find clarity and direction on your journey to better health. I don’t believe one diet fits all. I take a holistic approach and guide my clients to find the food and lifestyle that best supports their unique you! I do this by looking at stress factors, lifestyle, food, genes, and more. I help my clients to make gradual changes to become the healthy, vibrant and happy person they should be at their own pace and with no judgement!

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About Me

Hi! My name is Anne Dwyer. After working in the Health Care Industry as a project manager and a stay at home mom to 3 boys for several years, I decided to follow my heart and go back to school to become a certified health.


My Approach

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat?



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Cool Cucumber Shrimp Pasta Salad

WHY SHRIMP? With cool cucumbers and fresh pasta, this dish is filling and refreshing, and perfect for summer. Shrimp is a great food for brain health because of its high content of omega fatty acids, which nourish your brain with important nutrients. Maybe they will help to keep us a little bit more sane during this crazy time. This is a great recipe to make during the summer because you don’t need to turn your oven on. The shrimp, cooked with onions and garlic, pair perfectly with the cool pasta salad. WHY “WILD-CAUGHT”? Make sure to buy shrimp from a…

Journaling for Better Mental Health

Lately, journaling has become an important ritual for me. With the chaos of running my business from a crowded home in quarantine, my thoughts begin to feel anxious. I feel a swarm of bees buzzing in my head. Soon, all positive feelings become sidelined by worry and apprehension, followed by negative emotions. Journaling cuts through the swarm of bees in your head. When you write your worries on paper, the physical act of describing them helps to free you of them. When certain thoughts are expressed outside of your mind, they will take up less mental real estate, and you…

Anne’s Homegrown Organic Summer Salad

RECIPE BELOW! This salad, full of fresh, healthy ingredients, is a great way to detox during the summer if you’ve been treating yourself to ice cream, milkshakes, or any number of summer treats! There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you consume them in moderation and compensate afterward by eating fresh and organic foods to cleanse your pallet and gut. Several ingredients of this salad (broccoli sprouts, fresh tomato, and basil) are from my home vegetable garden. Cultivating your own food is a great way to ensure what you eat is healthy, pesticide-free, and GMO-free. Although organic foods are…

Anne’s Original Summer Bean Salad

Bean Salad Recipe: My homemade bean salad is a great summer dish! Cool, easy to make, and goes perfectly as a side for your summer barbeque! Ingredients: 1 Lime ½ Lemon ¼ Cup Olive Oil 1 Bunch of Fresh Cilantro ¾ Cup Organic Corn 1 Deseeded Tomato ½ Onion 1 Bell Pepper 2 cans of black beans Instructions: On a cutting board, dice the tomato, onion, and pepper. Add each to a bowl. Then, add the beans and corn. Stir. Add olive oil, lemon, and lime. Stir. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add cilantro to taste. Enjoy!

Summer Salad Dressing Made Healthy

Last weekend, a friend asked me to “clean up” a salad dressing recipe she found online. She knows that, as a health coach, I have extensive knowledge about food and nutrition that allows me to see the toxins in seemingly healthy foods. I find recipes online that need to be “cleaned up” all the time- something appetizing might be full of non-organic, processed foods, and added sugars. I wrote this post to show you that, just like I substituted the salad dressing’s ingredients for healthier ones, you can “clean up” any recipe you find online to make the healthiest version…

My Favorite Healthy Snacks

Here’s a list of healthy snacks that I have around my house right now! Feel free to comment below the healthy snacks that you keep around your house! I hope you might consider adding these to your list. So Delicious Dairy Free Yogurt Alternative: this creamy, healthy, low-calorie alternative to yogurt is a great mid-day snack or breakfast treat. It comes in many different flavors, however I recommend plain or vanilla-flavored because they are the only flavors with no sugar added. I recommend adding honey or fruit for flavor! For anyone with a dairy sensitivity, allergy, or anyone looking to…